Treatments & Services from Elegance Beauty Salon

  • Eyes

Eyebrow Shape

Reshapes, tidies and reforms, enhancing eyes. £9.50


Eyebrow Tinting

Darkens and enhances brows and improves the line of the eyebrows and enhances the eyes. £7.50


Eyelash Tinting

Darkens and enhances eyelashes. No need for mascara when swimming etc so ideal for holidays. £14.00


Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

As above. £20.00


Hi Impact Eyebrows

This is a multi step treatment which includes bleaching, tinting, waxing, tweezing and trimming of the eyebrows together with the application of eyebrow pencils/powders etc to create perfectly groomed, highly defined eyebrow artistry.  This helps to shape & fill the brow area with colour and can also camouflage over plucked and sparse brows to accentuate them, making them appear symmetrical, while framing the face and giving an instant facelift for any age group, making sure your brows are perfectly bespoke and designed just for you!  £20.00



Eyelash Perming

Enhances eyes with a permanent curl, giving a natural look - includes a free eyelash tint. £38.50


Eyelash Extensions

A natural, or a more enhanced look of thicker longer lashes can be achieved.

Full Set £45
Infills from £25
Party Flicks £25


Note – a patch test is required 24 hrs before tinting, perming & extensions.