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  • Advanced Electrolysis Thread/Red Vein & Skin Tag Removal
Advanced Electrolysis Thread/Red Vein & Skin Tag Removal

Advanced Electrolysis

Local Authority Licensed.


A new, sterile, disposal needle is used for each treatment. A free consultation is available prior to first treatment if required.


A specialized clinical treatment for the effective removal of Facial Thread/Spider/Broken/Red Veins & Skin Tags. They can be caused by age, hormones, extreme weather/temperature and certain medicines.



Are small unsightly superficial red veins, which occur around the nose, across the cheeks and chin. These broken veins occur when the vein dilates and becomes larger and so are visible through the transparency of the skin; they are common but can easily be permanently removed, quickly and effectively. The technology uses a small current of electricity to cauterize the area of the skin. A sterile needle is used, killing the vessel wall and causing the blood to coagulate and come to the surface and disappear.


Skin Tags

Are common and found on the neck, underarms, under bust and bikini line, ie areas of friction. They are harmless but unsightly and irritating. A sterile needle is used to cauterize the thread of skin between the tag and the body, sealing the skin, thus not allowing it to re-grow.


Minimum fee (15 mins) £30

Maximum fee (30mins) £46